The music industry isn’t just changing, it has changed! 

The way forward for Artists is actually more advantageous than ever, but it requires understanding and navigation of this new landscape to becoming successful.




The Artist Roadmap provides you with everything you need to be successful with your music career. We're basically like a Swiss-Army knife, pioneering what we call the "Artist-Led" Music Model. Like a system in the body, this program works in concert to promote a ground-breaking transformation in you and your music career, and sets you up for success on the road ahead.  


AEvery Artist is unique and so is our system. We work closely with you to get under the hood of your Artist profile, research and develop a unique strategy and Roadmap to your success.


BA goal without a plan is just a wish. We over-emphasize planning and build a plan for you to achieve your goals in the first 30 days and onward to the 12 months mark and beyond with dedicated project management rigor.

Music Business 2.0

CThere is a commonly held perception of the music industry that has not been adequately serving the artist, with gatekeepers and lack of trust. However, There is a new bright horizon that we are advocating and we challenge you to brave this new world.

Audience Growth

DYour audience and fans fuel your music career. They are the foundation. We explore methods and tactics to grow and engage your audience authentically from old school methods to the latest strategies and we get into the concept of the superfan and snowball effect. 


EBranding is all about your message. We take a 360 view of your brand through your music, content, website, social media, messaging, imagery and optimize for all channels, bringing about a cohesive brand and image that authentically connects and resonates with your audience.

Mindset Training

FBeing able to make this transformation requires a shift in perspective and a new paradigm. We have you covered and have painstakingly thought about the most challenging obstacles and hurdles facing Artist and provide new perspectives on how to overcome them with effortless flow.

Piloting Your Ship

GSince you are going to be a profitable entity, we cover everything from setting up and operating your business, profit and expenses, handling contracts, working with contractors, accounting, taxes (made simple) and more.

Publishing & Sync

HThere are many many places where your music has the potential to reach new audiences and fans as well as to help earn you income. We connect the dots to help you get your music into film, tv, video games and thereby broadening your reach to your audience and fans.

Live Shows & Touring

IThe training here could be a whole business unto itself. Creating a great show that keeps audiences wanting to come back is essential to your success as a live musician. We help you design and plan your shows and show you how to schedule tours to become more engaging, generate more income, grow and connect with your audience, and have fun while doing it.

Your Money Tree

JAs Artists, we tend to overlook this crucial component. However, we've decided to dissect it, analyze it and provide a holistic view to where your income as an artist comes from - both digital and physical and develop a plan for maximizing your income and wealth for years to come.

Releasing Your Music

KTired of your releases not getting the distance you wish? We've developed an extremely powerful method to amplify your releases. From early-stage planning, to distribution and promotion, you will learn the full process and be able to track your progress and success.

Designing Your Journey

LAfter we've worked together, your Artist Roadmap is generated including all the plans, strategies, mindset training, methods and tactics in place and you are now ready, confident and prepared to set sail to conquer your dreams. 

What Artists are Saying 



"The Artist Roadmap was transformational for our band. We’ve come so far since we first started and we are only in the early stages of implementing everything we've learned. The Artist Roadmap not only taught us how to think about the business of music, but how to conceptualize ourselves and our message in order to A) believe fully and confidently in what we’ve set out to do, and B) help our ideal fans discover us."


"I started with a lot of chaos. I'm very good at starting and making new music and videos but after more then 2 years I had to find a way to start releasing it all. Now, after a couple of months coaching, I'm actually building a solid company around my music and I've started releasing and growing online. I really love the personalized coaching they provide and the video chat sessions are really useful and motivating! This was the best investment I did so far."

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“A fantastic course with amazing teachers - super well organized, and very informative on a lot of levels! The Artist Roadmap is a deep journey that helped me to wrap my head around the business part of my life as an artist, as well as to up my creative game. Thank you so much, guys!" 

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"The Artist Roadmap has been nothing short of a transformational journey for me as an artist. Conrad and Stefanie have masterfully dissected not only the ins and outs of the rapidly changing music industry, but also designed a process that uplifts and refines the entire artistic process. I now understand myself better as a musician and a person, have clear and ambitious goals, and have the tools I need to turn my dreams into reality."

Who is AR for?

  • Artists who want to grow and expand their audience
  • Artists who want to generate reliable income
  • Artists who want to work smarter and more effectively
  • Artists who want to have more impact with their music
  • Artist who are ready to invest in their music career 

Who is AR NOT for?

  • Hobbyists who are not yet serious about their music career
  • People who make excuses and complain
  • People who are not prepared to make changes and take action
  • People who are not committed to their music and achieving their dreams 
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Accelerator - A transformative training and coaching system designed to provide you with unique methods, insights, tools, and resources to rapidly accelerate your Artist Career, helping you become successful by growing your audience and generating income.  With a combination of on-demand content, real world action items and a hands-on approach, you are able to level up your music career. 

We help you build YOUR music business, level up your releases, improve your live performances, grow your audience consistently, generate income as an artists, define sources of income, develop your brand, create solid offerings for your audience, learn and apply digital marketing and social media campaigns, get under the hood of publishing, distribution, royalties, sync and more.


Your Artist Roadmap - Throughout this program you will develop your unique Artist Roadmap packaged up with everything from your experience through this training and for your journey ahead, with all of your plans, strategies, action items, and steps to take in place.  All you have to do is follow the steps. 


Additional Resources - Beyond the scope of what we offer are a host of resources and tools that we’ve either created or highly recommend that help you achieve your goals. 




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