Artist Roadmap 2.0 is Here


What’s New in the Artist Roadmap 

Over the past year, we decided that it's time to upgrade The Artist Roadmap Accelerator for 2022, taking into account new ways people are engaging with content, learning, connecting, reaching new audiences.  We created this video to provide more insight into our thinking and process for helping artists achieve their goals.  Here's how we've advanced the program:

  1. Streamlined: Over the past year we’ve streamlined The Artist Roadmap into a hybrid online course and coaching accelerator.
  2. On Demand: The new format allows you access on demand, and allows us to have more focused and dedicated time for artist development with you.  
  3. Audio: We now also offer audio podcast-style content so you can access while on the go.
  4. Updated: We've updated the Artist Roadmap to stay current for 2022 and beyond. This means new material, new content, new strategies, tactics, methods and resources. 
  5. Monthly: We're now offer a monthly subscription plan.


Discover the Artist Roadmap. Check out this video and hear what Artist Roadmap members have to say.  We outline the whole journey and show you how it’s different from everything else out there.  We've including some case studies to show you what's possible to achieve. 

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