MusicWe've witnessed countless talented artists with boundless passion and drive, yet somehow, their journey hits a roadblock. The abundance of information on what to do and how to do it, often leaves them feeling lost, overwhelmed, and unsure of the next steps. We're here to break the cycle, providing a clear path for artists to navigate their careers with confidence.  

The Artist Roadmap provides the tools, resources, profound knowledge, and a work ethic cultivated over a lifetime of musical devotion. Whether you're a budding artist or in the midst of development, our goal is to guide you from the first chord to sold-out shows, a devoted fanbase, financial independence, and a deep connection with your audience.

We're on a mission to ignite the artist within, empowering creators to seize control of their destinies. We offer more than just a system; we provide a meticulously crafted journey, leaving no note unplayed, no opportunity unexplored. Armed with profound know-how, cutting-edge tools, and an unwavering structure, we pave the way for greatness to unfold in every artist's story.



Who We Work With: We're on the lookout for good-hearted artists with exceptional music, ready to elevate their careers. If you're hungry for growth, dedicated, and finding the path to breakthrough challenging, you're in the right place.

What We Value: Honesty, integrity, and creativity form the foundation of our community. We believe in openness, expansiveness, and the transformative power of music. Our mission is to help you become the best version of yourself.

Community & Connection: More than a service, we are a community of artists connected by a shared passion. Together, we thrive. Community and connection are our driving forces, guiding artists to flourish in an industry that demands more than it gives.

Why We Exist: In this evolving music landscape, we stand as advocates for those ready to navigate complexities with grace. If you resonate with community, connection, and the pursuit of musical excellence, Artist Roadmap is your partner in crafting a successful and fulfilling music career.


Meet Conrad Schuman and Stefanie Ku, the visionaries behind Artist Roadmap. Pioneering an artist-led music business model, they breathe life into a clear roadmap for musicians navigating the ever-changing landscape. More than teachers, they're artists who've lived and breathed this system throughout their musical journey.




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