Music!  It has to start and end with the music as the ultimate goal.  We started The Artist Roadmap with one vision:  To help Artists become successful, as defined by themselves, by taking the helm of their career.  

We’ve watched so many talented Artists with all the drive and passion in the world just stall out pursuing their career, never really launching and reaching their goals.  And it’s understandable with so much information out there, you can end up feeling confused and overwhelmed, not knowing where to start, what to do exactly and how best to get to your desired destination.  This false idea of the starving artist has to come to an end.

We’re also selective, because we want to help reshape this new music industry in the way the musicians naturally are when their at their best, which is good-hearted and inspirational role models.  This program isn’t for everyone.  Some Artists have been conditioned that success should be handed to them and done for them - that someone else should “make them.”   What we offer is a well-designed and conceived system for the real world, that shows you how to set up and run your Artist Business like an entrepreuer, with focus and clarity on discovering, resonating and building your audience, generating reliable income and building your brand.   We’re genuinely interested in getting results for our Artists, and helping you achieve your dreams. 



Conrad Schuman and Stefanie Ku are pioneering a new artist-led music business model that empowers musicians to take the helm of their careers in an ever-changing landscape by providing a clear roadmap with direction for achieving their goals with remarkable results.

They have not only been teaching this new system and method, but have been living and breathing it as artists and musicians themselves for the better part of their lives.

The system is unique for each artist providing the tools, resources, deep knowledge and work ethic required to help take a beginning artist or a developing artist to playing sold out shows, building a fanbase, making money, and reaching and connecting with their audience.

Ultimately by empowering the artist, you thrive as an artist.

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