Tis the Season for Creativity

creativity holidays music creation play Dec 24, 2023

Hey friends,

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very Happy Holidays.  And I wanted to share a bit of insight I’ve had. It’s been a busy, fulfilling and very transformative year.  As the holiday season rolls in and the year comes to an end, we get this little moment away from the hustle of our ‘normal lives,’ and get this time to reflect.  Of course we might be sandwiched between friends, family, gatherings, parties, eggnog and gingerbread, but inevitably, we find these moments of quiet reprieve and solitude.  

In these moments, we start thinking about all we did this past year and how we want to approach the next year.  I find myself stirring with creativity and energized, looking forward to what comes in whatever shape that may be.  While it’s a time that may lend itself to vision boarding and thinking about how to embark on the coming year, I want to remind you also to just take this time to loosen up and tap back into your creative side.


Think About It

As I was saying, this time of year isn't just about the hustle and bustle of celebrations, or even about setting goals for the new year - it's also a golden opportunity to rekindle that spark of creativity that often gets lost in our busy lives.

Think about it: when was the last time you just let your mind wander without a set goal or purpose? The holiday season, with its unique mix of activity and downtime, offers just that - a chance to daydream, to explore new ideas, and to let your imagination run wild.

It's in these quiet, unstructured moments that we often find our most creative selves. Maybe it's while you're sitting by the fireplace, watching the snow fall, or even in the midst of laughter with friends and family, that a new melody, a lyric, or a concept for a project starts to form. Embrace these spontaneous bursts of inspiration - they are the true gifts of the season.



And don't forget to play! Yes, play. Just like we did as kids. Get your hands on an instrument without thinking about the output, doodle or sketch something just for fun, write a song with no intention of it being a 'hit.' This kind of playful exploration is not just rejuvenating; it's often where we find our most authentic selves as artists.

As we step into the new year, I encourage you to carry this spirit of creativity and playfulness with you. Let it infuse your music, your art, and your life. Remember, every great creation starts with a little bit of fun and a lot of heart.

So here’s to a holiday season filled with joy, creativity, and boundless imagination. And to a new year that sees all those dreams and ideas take flight!

Happy Holidays, everyone! Let's make the next year our most creative one yet!


Hugs 🎄

Conrad & Stefanie

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