7 Tips to Landing Sync Deals

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Hello fellow musicians, producers and Artists. We recently went to music publishing conference - the Taxi Road Rally in LA.  If you're not familiar with what Taxi is, well, it's a music publishing and sync service that brings opportunities that would otherwise be unknown to artists.  You submit for the chance to get your music placed in film, tv, commercial or even listened to by A&R. This got me to thinking and I want to share some of my big takeaways as well as what you can do to "get in sync."  

In today’s fast-paced music industry, sync licensing has emerged as a lucrative and exciting avenue for artists to explore. Sync deals, which involve licensing your music for use in media such as films, TV shows, commercials, and video games, can not only provide a significant revenue stream but also dramatically increase your exposure. Let's dive into seven key tips to help you, the independent artist, navigate and succeed in the world of sync licensing.



Tip 1: Understand the Sync Licensing Landscape

To start, it’s essential to grasp what sync licensing entails and the rights involved. Sync licensing is more than just selling your music; it's about finding the right fit for your tracks in various media. Understanding the demands and preferences of music supervisors and content creators is crucial. They are always on the lookout for tracks that can enhance their projects, so knowing what they seek is your first step to success.

Action: This is the fun part - essentially you're watching movies, TV, commercials and video games. But now you have to approach with a different lens.  Start by researching films, TV shows, and commercials that have used independent music. Note the types of songs used and the context. Platforms like IMDbPro can be a great resource for finding out what projects music supervisors have worked on.


Tip 2: Craft Music with Sync in Mind

When creating music, consider its potential for sync. Tracks with universal themes and lyrics that avoid explicit content are more likely to be chosen. However, don’t lose your unique voice; instead, aim for a balance between commercial appeal and artistic integrity.

Action: Create a few tracks specifically designed for sync – think about common themes in media (like love, adventure, or overcoming challenges). Experiment with instrumental versions or songs with minimal lyrics to increase versatility.


Tip 3: Ensure Your Music is Ready for Licensing

Your tracks should be professionally recorded and mixed. Equally important is ensuring you own or control the rights to your music. Properly tagging your music with relevant metadata makes it easier for music supervisors to find your tracks when they’re searching for specific themes or moods.

Action: Invest in good quality home recording equipment or find a local studio that offers affordable rates. Remember, clarity and quality of sound can make or break a sync deal. Platforms like LANDR offer affordable mastering services.


Tip 4: Build Relationships with Music Supervisors and Industry Professionals

Networking is key in the music industry. Attend industry events, join online forums, and engage on social media platforms to connect with music supervisors and other industry professionals. Building these relationships can open doors to sync opportunities.

Action: Use LinkedIn to connect with music supervisors. Craft a personalized message that shows you've done your homework about their past projects. Attend virtual webinars and workshops where these professionals speak.


Tip 5: Leverage Music Libraries and Online Platforms

Music libraries and online platforms can be powerful tools for getting your music noticed. Choose libraries that align with your genre and style, and ensure your tracks are prominently featured and easy to find.

Action: Explore lesser-known, indie-friendly music libraries. These platforms often have less competition and may be more receptive to new artists. Don’t overlook the power of content on platforms like YouTube or SoundCloud to attract attention.


Tip 6: Stay Informed and Adapt to Trends

The types of music sought after for sync can change with trends in the media industry. Keep your finger on the pulse of current trends and be ready to adapt your music accordingly, without compromising your unique sound.

Action: Follow music trends by subscribing to industry newsletters and following influential music blogs. Tools like Google Trends can also provide insight into what music styles are gaining popularity. Create a playlist of trending songs and analyze what makes them appealing.


Tip 7: Effective Outreach to Licensing and Publishing Companies

Learn the art of reaching out to music licensing companies, publishers, and libraries effectively. Research and identify companies that fit your style and genre. Craft a compelling pitch, maintain professionalism in your communications, and build a strong online presence. Attend networking events and industry workshops to meet company representatives in person.

Action: Start with smaller, indie-focused companies that might be more open to unsolicited pitches. Use platforms like Songtradr, which allow artists to pitch directly to specific opportunities. Practice writing concise, compelling emails that get straight to the point.


The Future of Sync Licensing

The sync licensing landscape is ever-evolving, with digital platforms and music libraries playing a significant role. If you're an independent artist, or signed, and you're interested to get a slice of this pie, then you'll want to stay informed about these changes and be ready to adapt to new opportunities as they arise.  Landing a sync deal requires a mix of great music, strategic outreach, and a bit of patience. Keep honing your craft, building relationships, and staying informed about industry trends. The world of sync licensing is full of opportunities for those who are prepared.


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