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As an Artist Roadmap member, you get lifetime access to all the course materials, including videos, coursework, proprietary tools that we've developed, 7 weeks of training and coaching modules, action items for real world development, all the methods and strategies to bring about your Artist Business to fruition, and access to The Artist Roadmap International community.  

The Artist Roadmap Accelerator includes 15 modules to be completed over 7 weeks.  We strongly recommend aiming to schedule and complete 2 modules and the action items per week, along with implementing action to catalyze real-world change in your Artist business.  

The best way to reach us is by email at [email protected].  We typically reply in as little as 24 - 48 hours, most times much less.  If there is an urgent need, simply type Urgent in the subject line and we'll do our best to respond.   

The first thing you need to do is apply by clicking the button in the navigation.  Fill out the application and schedule a time with us for a Free strategy session call.  This can be video or phone and we meet to determine if we're a good fit to help you meet your goals.  If you qualify you will be extended an invitation and you can choose to work together.  


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