New Year Transformation Equation

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2019

I read somewhere that Albert Einstein once declared compound interest to be “the most powerful force in the universe.” Although we weren’t able to fact check and confirm the quote truly originated from A.E., compound interest nevertheless is a powerful thing. Futurist Ray Kurzweil has been known to champion the idea of exponential growth. In fact, one very important exponential equation is the compound-interest formula:

...where "A" is the ending amount, "P" is the beginning amount (or "principal"), "r" is the interest rate (expressed as a decimal), "n" is the number of compounding a year, and "t" is the total number of years.

Aside from having powerful effects on growing money, accumulating debts and measuring technological advancements, we can apply the same equation to mastery and health. Anyone who has learned and mastered a musical instrument knows the feeling of making baby steps every day and all those baby steps culminating into a breathtaking performance one day. Anyone who has consciously made a decision and succeeded in changing their health and physique knows that the most long lasting transformations are the kind that comes with forming regular healthy habits. The same applies for personal transformation, and the transformation of humanity as a whole. In order to grow our craft, art, and business, we need to pay attention to it with regularity. In order to develop our intuition and inner guidance, we need to regularly practice hearing the voice of our spirit. In order to be compassionate, our hearts need to be free flowing of love both to give and to receive.  And in order to hold a clear space for humanity and everyone and everything concerning this planet, galaxy, universe, what have you, we need to say yes to that alignment every single day.  

While attempting to “binge develop” your physical, emotional, intellectual, musical, and business muscle will likely lead to failure, frustration, and repeated disappointments, when we have a regular practice that is manageable and enjoyable, we have the exponential magic of compound interest on our side and our progress will only continue to delight and surprise. Does this make you feel more excited and happy about your new year resolution? Happy New Year and wishing you a brilliant 2019!

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